Friday, February 13, 2009

Valassis / RedPlum Coupon Inserts Disappearing!!

So lately, beginning on February 1st, 2009, the RedPlum coupon inserts in Sunday newspapers have begun to disappear.  Valassis, the company that prints the weekly RedPlum insert has stopped including their coupon inserts in certain newspapers across the country.

Therefore, if you live in certain areas of the country you will no longer (i.e. never again) receive the RedPlum insert in your Sunday newspaper.

I am not in one of the areas affected by this decision, but I am saddened, frustrated, & upset for those who are!  Additionally, this decision may be eventually be expanded to ALL newspapers!

We (all Americans) have to express to Valassis what a bad idea it is to remove coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers!  Coupon inserts feed individuals & their families, keep newspaper companies afloat, help charities stay alive via donations, support clinics who receive donations as well, etc.

To express your concern please visit the following website:

Please click above & leave a comment so that those in charge at Valassis will reconsider.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kmart Double are back AGAIN?! Yippie!

Are they back?  We all love those doubles and this would be the 4th time in 3 months!

Reportedly, Kmart doubles should be taking place this coming Sunday (tomorrow)!  
That is January 4th - 9th!  The rules have changed this time though, you are only allowed to use 25 coupons per transaction, as opposed to the 75 per transaction that we have been able to use for the past 3 sales.  Anyway, make sure you check your ads in tomorrow's newspaper, because this sale is supposed to be for ALL Kmart stores!

Happy doubles!!

I'm baaaaack!!!!

Hi there everyone!

So I am back!

I took an unexpected break from blogging during the Christmas & New Year (hope you had a great one!) and now I'm back!

Spent some time with family and sometime time relaxing and overall... it was a great time!

Thanks for your continued support of Kissing My Coupons and watch for all the couponing goodness that I love sharing with you, because there is always more to come!

~ Kelly

Monday, December 1, 2008

CVS Deals! - Week of Nov 30th! - $0.00 OOP for $18.97 worth of items!

I loved my total Out Of Pocket at CVS this week!  
1 free items turned into 3 free items!

Here are the details of my CVS adventure!

1 - Instant 6-hr Energy Drink, 2 pk
LP: 4.99, ECBs: 4.99, EP: FREE

2 - Dasani Bottled Water, 24 ct pack, 16.9 oz bottles -- not pictured
LP = EP = $3.88 ea

Subtotal: 12.75
ECBs used: $2.97 + $3.79 + $5.99 = $12.75
Total OOP: $0.00
 Received: $4.99 in ECBs

Happy CVS Shopping!

Walgreens Deals! - Week of Nov 30th!

Walgreens has slow sales this week, but there were a couple need items at good prices.

(click on picture to enlarge)

Here are the details of my Walgreens adventure...

2 - TuF Paper Towels, single roll - Maybe a cheaper alternative, maybe.
LP: 0.99, 7-Day cpn: $1.00/2,
EP: $1.00/2 or $0.50 ea

2 - Walgreens Plastic Freezer & Storage Bags, quart size, 25 ct
LP: $3.00/2, 7-Day cpn: $0.99 ea,
EP: $0.99 ea

2 - Extension Cord, 6-ft
LP: 2.59 ea, 7-Day cpn: BOGO & 2.49,
EP: $2.49/2 or $1.24 ea

Happy Wags Shopping!

Kmart Super Double Manufacturer Coupons Sale! November 30 - December 6!

Well the Kmart Double Manufacturer Coupons Sale is back which I blogged about here.  There are great deals to be had, but you must find LOOK for them, because there are also many bad deals also!

(click on picture to enlarge)

There are too many deals to list, but here are my stats:
I bought $111.96 dollars worth of items BUT paid $40.21 for it all!

Here are some items to keep an eye on:
  • Revlon Nail Polish - $0.19 ea
  • Martinelli's Sparking Cider - $0.99 ea
  • Libby's 100% Pure Pumkin pie filling - FREE!
  • Gillette Body Wash - FREE!
  • Dove Haircare products - $0.79 ea
  • Colgate Toothpaste, printable here - FREE!
  • OUST! Surface & Air Sanitizer - FREE plus OVERAGE!
  • Reynolds Wrap Foil - FREE!
  • Jergens Body Lotion - $1
  • Joy Dishwashing Dish Liquid, 30 oz
  • Betty Crocker Icing - $0.50 ea
  • Cascade Complete Dishwasher Gel & Action pacs! - VERY CHEAP!
Happy Kmart Doubles week!!

Publix Deals! - Week of November 28!

The deals this week at Publix were pretty awesome!  
IF you are a coupon shopper, lol, and I know you are!
Check out what $15 bucks can get you!

Here are the details of my Publix adventure!

4 - Nestle Coffe-Mate Liquid Creamer, 32 oz
LP: $2.49 & BOGO, cpn: 1.00 (used 2 cpns) printable here,
EP: $0.49/2 or $0.28 ea!

6 - GE Energy Smart Bulbs, single pk, 13 watt
LP: $1.94,
Raincheck: BOGO,
cpn: 1.00/1 (used 6 cpns),
EP: FREE! (+ 0.18 overage)!

8 - Del Monte Fruit Cocktail (canned)
Clearance Price: $1.50/2,
cpn: 1.00/4 (used 2 cpns),
EP: $4.00/8 or $0.50 ea!

1 - Kellogg's Pop Tarts
Clearance Price: $1.65,
cpn: 0.55/1,
EP: $1.10 ea!

4 - Spray 'N Wash Laundry Stain Remover, 22 oz
LP: 2.79 & BOGO, IP: 0.75 (used 2 cpns) printable here,
EP: $1.29/2 or $0.64 ea!

2 - Quaker Muffin Bars, 7.83 - 12.6 oz box
LP: 3.19 & BOGO, IP: 1.00 (used 2 cpns) printable here,
EP: $1.19/2 or $0.59 ea!

2 - Lipton Knorr Rice/ Pasta Side Dishes, 4 - 6.4 oz pkg
LP: 1.49 & BOGO, cpn: 0.75/2,
EP: $0.74/2 or $0.37 ea!

1 - Brawny Paper Towels, 6 or 8 roll pk - I got the 6 roll pk (more sheets)!
LP: 6.49, cpn: 1.50,
EP: $4.99 ea!

I Publix!
Happy Publix Shopping!