Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kmart Double are back AGAIN?! Yippie!

Are they back?  We all love those doubles and this would be the 4th time in 3 months!

Reportedly, Kmart doubles should be taking place this coming Sunday (tomorrow)!  
That is January 4th - 9th!  The rules have changed this time though, you are only allowed to use 25 coupons per transaction, as opposed to the 75 per transaction that we have been able to use for the past 3 sales.  Anyway, make sure you check your ads in tomorrow's newspaper, because this sale is supposed to be for ALL Kmart stores!

Happy doubles!!

I'm baaaaack!!!!

Hi there everyone!

So I am back!

I took an unexpected break from blogging during the Christmas & New Year (hope you had a great one!) and now I'm back!

Spent some time with family and sometime time relaxing and overall... it was a great time!

Thanks for your continued support of Kissing My Coupons and watch for all the couponing goodness that I love sharing with you, because there is always more to come!

~ Kelly