Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Target Shopping - Some winner and some need deals! - September 26-28th!

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So The picture above is from my first trip on Sept 26th to Target. I bought the Suave humectant & the Herbal Essences long term shampoo and conditioner and finally the printer cartridge for my boyfriend's printer (which I damaged while trying to refill the cartridge myself, lol).  I will try again though and I will get this refilling cartridges thing right after all!  :-D

Second and third trips, (I live nearby Target -- I don't recommend what I did if you don't) were for the Sterilite 3-Drawer Storage Cart sale that Target had going.  The storage cart was advertised in their ad for $14 each, but when I went to the store they had an "Even Lower Price" tag on the shelf and they were marked down to $9.04!  I first bought 1 (Sept 27th)  then upon realizing that I had so much stuff to put in them, I returned the next day and bought 2 more!

In total I spent $53.93 at Target this week!  OUCH!  OUCH! OUCH!
But, $27.21 was for the 3-drawer storage carts & $17.99 was for a new color ink cartridge -- both of which are not typical purchases of mine.  My normalized total was $8.82, because I was being brand conscious.  Don't worry, my hair is about the only thing that I will bend my non-brand shopping mentality for and only occasionally.

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